Eligibility Criteria
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General Functions
Where permitted by law and in accordance with the set terms and conditions of the Agency Agreement, from time to time, the authorized Agent may assume the appointed role or capacity that they have agreed to occupy, which may be one or more of the following:
Act as a servicing Agent;
Be the supplier of qualified clients;
Provide opportunities that will provide and/or require some form of local credit support, by such means as a guarantee, asset repurchased agreement, subordinate stand-by line of credit (“documentary credit”) or subordinated debt;
Develop, promote and maintain with the Agent’s clients the goodwill and reputation of PIT Capital and of the Financial Products;
Maintain continuous and adequate client service through trained analysts who will travel or will be stationed in designated states or provinces;
Compliance with the Canada and United Nations Resolutions and International Foreign Corrupt Practice Acts;
ensure that its clients carry and assume all risks of credit, currency devaluation, blocked currency, confiscation, expropriation, rebellion, revolution, war and all other risks of the transactions; and
Ensure that any registration or notification required by the laws of the Territory will be carried out.

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