Eligibility Criteria
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Adherence to our Privacy Policy. All strategic partners and authorized agents of PIT Capital Corporation are required to adhere to the provisions of the Privacy Act, Canada, and jurisdiction wherein they are conducting their business affairs. To this end the respective strategic partner or authorized agent shall:
keep its client’s personal information and business affairs in strict confidence, as set out in our Standing Confidential Agreement;
apply sound principles with respect to the collection, utilization, process and dissemination of personal and confidential information in accordance with the prevailing laws of the respective jurisdiction;
protect and care for its clients’ information once it has been collected, through the provision of adequate facility, wherein is applied prudent procedures in the collecting analyzing, storing, retrieving and employing the information provided by the clients in the facilitation of their affairs; whilst, safeguarding against misuse, loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, and/or any unethical practices;
use the information provided by its client or credit agency or information bureau to aid and assist the client in considering whether or not we will be granting or proving the requested facility or service with respect to the respective client, and for the purpose of administering the client’s account.; and
Where applicable, employ the information in acceptable statistical analysis, if the client does not object to their personal information being disclosed.

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