Eligibility Criteria
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Disclosure parameter.
Subject to the prevailing laws, the Agent or partner shall not release client’s information, other than to those individuals and entities listed below, but at no time will information be authorized to be released about clients without the prior written consent of the respective client. Notwithstanding, where it is deemed fit and proper, certain information may be disclosed to:
a related company of PIT Capital that is, or are facilitating a transaction for, and on behalf of the client;
an authorized agent/(s) or any procuring agent/(s) of PIT Capital that is acting for, and on behalf of a client in question;
an authorized attorney/(s), accountant/(s), engineer/(s), consultant/(s) and a specialist, being a third-party that is acting for, and on behalf of PIT Capital in connection with the client; and
C-R.I.S.K. Corporation or its designated insurer or reinsurer, or financial institution, as well as to a third party entity or entities that is/are assigned to act as intermediaries or attorney in fact

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