Agents & Partners



Agents & Partners Benefits
Some of the benefits that Agents & Partners may enjoy from time to time are as follow:
a. PITC is a special purpose platform with a niche global presence of which is, or will be in position to add value to qualified existing financial services entities.
b. Being associated with a proprietary vehicle that is being used to perfect monetary credit in public and private sector operations through the utilization of the most advanced and innovative technology wrapped with the Canadian Flag.
c. Being part of a platform that attracts talents to drive the ideal model of good corporate governance committed to operating at peak profitability and efficiency in an environment of integrity and in the spirit of mutual respect and cooperation
d. Being an active participant of PITC’s comprehensive network of professionals to deliver a global interface of financial services for developing countries and their prolific enterprises.
Key Topics
Herein you will fine topics such as:
bullet Registering
bullet Crime Prevention
bullet Types of Partners


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