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PIT Capital Corporation was incorporated in accordance with the provisions of the Canadian Business Corporations Act, on the 3 rd day of May 2004.
Restrictions. In accordance with the Articles of Incorporation, there are no restrictions on the business that Pitcapital may carry on.
Mandate . Pitcapital is designed as an ideal business advancement platform that is mandated to fulfil its monetary credit mission and objectives with respect to the Canadian Infrastructure Solution program. It is required to engage the assistance and support of established licensed institutions, both domestically and internationally, to perfect the practices of its monetary credit, international financial settlement and promotion operations in the most comprehensive sense, including
foreign exchange,
money credit,
credit finance,
bank dealings,
promotion, and
Business Advancement. The purpose for which Pitcapital was formed and established, is to undertake emerging market prolific enterprises and infrastructure projects or programs relating to the furtherance and economic development of targeted developing countries. Its charter authorizes it to supplement, collaborate and co-operate with Canadian Crown Corporations, selected Canadian Infrastructure Solution’s entities and various sponsoring countries’ development banks and international banks for reform, reconstruction and development, in accordance with the provisions of its Articles of Incorporation.
Products and Services. In the quest of Pitcapital to aid and substantially support prolific enterprises and developing countries’ governments to stabilize and strengthen their economies, it has established a number of products and services that involve Capitalization, Privatization, Restructuring, Securitization, Export Credit, and Economic Reform; designed to work in collaboration with governments, organizations, financial institutions, professionals and investors to ensure success for all participants.
Activities and Operations. The activities of the Corporation encompass a variety of operations that facilitate:
settlement of international financial transactions,
money flows for credit investment and credit underwriting,
loans to emerging country governments and institutions, and
loans to low risk corporate projects and programs that are compatible with the company’s profit-oriented objectives (security, liquidity and superior yield).
Synergistic Approach. Pitcapital is committed to providing a comprehensive mosaic of professionals, systems and networks combined to deliver a global interface of financial services for developing countries and their prolific enterprises
Benefit Society. The benefits to societies encompass the following:
Resources appreciation;
Advancement of businesses and mankind; and
Dynamic force behind developing countries and emerging markets.


Empowering emerging markets’ prolific enterprises!



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